In this delightful bedtime rhyme a young child bids good night to the moon, recalling all the familiar things surrounding her — from her pillow, her book and her kitten to the swing outside, the robins in the trees and the starry night. Written by award-winning novelist and poet Pamela Porter, the book is complemented by the swirling, joyful and whimsical illustrations of Matt James, an acclaimed visual artist. The words and music for "At the Gate of Heaven" ("A la puerta del cielo"), a New Mexican lullaby, are included.

"...James' illustrations greatly enhance the book, magnifying the colourful and whimsical elements contained within Porter's text. [They] have a texture and fluidity highly suggestive of the vibrancy and energetic movement of a young child...reminiscent of Van Gogh...[Some adults] will be reminded of their own sweet childhood experiences falling asleep to the sound of parents reading...Yellow Moon, Apple Moon is likely to create similarly lasting and pleasant memories." CM Magazine

"James's acrylic and ink illustrations have the energy and swirl of a child's imagination, yet his combination of lively colors are somehow soothing...Porter carries listeners gently on a stream of melody...Yellow Moon, Apple Moon affirms, empowers, and assures while singing youngsters into a charmed world called sleep." School Library Journal

"The colour palette of Matt James's acrylic and India ink illustrations has a van Gogh-like brilliance to it...there's plenty for the eyes as well as the ear." Globe and Mail

"This beautifully illustrated bedtime book is destined to become a classic. With dreamy illustrations and rhyming text by award-winning author Pamela Porter this is a perfect gift for a new baby." Vaughan Today